Classes 2020:



From September onwards ill be starting a new series of Classes in Fusion Bellydance!  All Classes will be in Theater Zimihc Wittevrouwen @Bouwstraat 55, Utrecht. 

7 september 2020 

Free Trial CLass: get to knowe Bellydance, me and get a small taste of what you could be able te learn!


14 september - 14 december 2020: Weekly CLasses! As i want to make the most of your class, and keep the Covid-19 guidelines in mind, im teaching in small groups, maximum be determined with rules and regulations.

19.15 - 20.25 Fusion bellydance - Back to Basic

20.30 - 21.40 Fusion bellydance - Moving up

Entire course: 130 euro.

Both classes will start with vigorous warm-up and strengthening training. first Class for if you are cpmpletely new to dance, if you have taken my classes before of have experience in belly dance, the second class is the one for you!


We will dive into different fusion dance techniques and work on a Fusion bellydance Choreography, so you have plenty to learn in class but also te take home with you. register here.


This Class is a safe space to learn, and experiment. i will challenge you, however there is no room for judgement, Bellydance is a beautiful way to celebrate your feminine side, something id like everyone to expercience.

Picture: Guido Bosland


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